How does PTA spend the money we raise?

PTA spends a lot of time raising money throughout the year to support programs benefiting ALL kids at Peck.  In order to make sure this gets done with all membership involvement we have a process to ensure that PTA membership is involved in determining how funds are spent.

Each year over the summer the PTA board will determine events and projects for the year and develop a plan and associated budget over the summer.  This plan and budget is presented at the first PTA meeting of the school year (usually in August) and the budget is voted on by the general PTA membership.  In developing this plan the PTA works closely with the school to understand the school calendar and school priorities for the year which generally tie into the goals for the Unified Improvement Plan developed in the Accountability process.  PTA’s mission of advocating for kids and providing a great school community are also reflected in these goals and priorities.  For example in 2018-19, the school had identified building literacy skills in our kids as a goal.  In order to support that goal, PTA funded book donations to class rooms as part of our projects for the year.

After the approval of the budget for the year, the PTA should generally plan to stay within the confines of that budget unless they plan to present a proposal to reallocate funds.  These  proposals should be brought to a meeting of general membership for a vote.   New proposals must always work to support ALL kids at Peck and may not benefit any individual family or teacher.

Updates to the budget are presented at each of the general membership meetings and should also include the actual results.   According to bylaws, PTA board members may approve an overage of spending on the budget of up to $500 (however, our PTA may decide on a lower limit to review and present to the group for additional changes).    Please see the Agendas/Minutes section of this website for current updates to the budget including results of fundraising activities and expenses.

As expenses are submitted for reimbursement by PTA, each is reviewed by the Treasurer to ensure that it aligns with the budgeted expenses.   The submitting party must submit supporting receipts and documentation to show the amount and purpose for the expense.  All checks reimbursing from the PTA must follow Jeffco and Colorado PTA guidelines to have dual signatures included.  This ensures multiple reviews of the expense prior to the check being cut and it also ensures that it falls within the plan set forth by the PTA membership.

If you have expenses to submit, please see our forms tab for the forms to submit these items to our Treasurer.

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