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Board Members

2019-20 PTA Board

President – Ashley Alfaro- [email protected]

Vice President #1 – Scott Turner- [email protected]

Vice President #2 – Dion Malcomb 

Treasurer – Meagan Wilson- treasurer.peckp[email protected]

Secretary -Michelle Malcomb- [email protected]


2019-20 PTA Board

President – Ashley Alfaro


Vice President #1 -Scott Turner


Vice President #2 – Dion Malcomb


Vice President #3 – Open


Treasurer – Meagan Wilson- [email protected]


Secretary – Michelle Malcomb

**Although elections were held in March 2019 for the 2019-20 school year, there are still open positions!  If you’re interested in serving, please reach out to the new board at [email protected].